Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween FUN??

October 31, 2007

I have NEVER been a "fun" halloween mom. To put it nicely, "I HATE HALLOWEEN!!" I don't sew, I'm not crafty and creative, so my kids always pretty much get the shaft when it comes to cool costumes. We still had a pretty fun night though - Our Chamber of Commerce and Transnation Title/US Mortgage Source put on a HUGE halloween party (trunk or treat) out at Bison Ranch. The kids got tons of candy, free hot dogs, chili, hot cocoa, etc. Then they had free hay rides, a cake walk, costume contests, etc. It was actually an enjoyable night for us all!

Maryssa - "Old Woman" (saggy panty hose and all)

Emma - "Bad Boy" (she's just way too cute to be a boy)

Trey - "Red Power Ranger"

(thank goodness he still fits in $$$ Store costumes)

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amanda.hall said...

haha... I am still laughing at that picture of Trey. How funny. So glad it didn't take you another month to do another post. =) Their costumes turned out pretty cool. If they do another big party next year out at Bison I may just have to go up there for it.