Monday, November 12, 2007

Tender Mercies

Sunday - November 11th, 2007

Today was Ron's 45th birthday and Chace's 16th. I'm so thankful for these two special guys in my life. They are so much a like in so many ways. That will definitely be a blessing in Chace's life, because his Dad is pretty awesome.

We certainly witnessed one of the Lord's "tender mercies" in our lives today. We had a Tri-Ward Fireside for the youth tonight and then Nolan and Hannah came over to play cards. Kim was still at work late at the Hotel, so they all hopped in Nolan's car to go check on her and see how much longer she was going to be. On the way back from the Hotel, they took the corner by the Library "a little" too fast, went off the shoulder of the road, and when they came back on, they ended up landing right between two trees. Air bags deployed and the car is probably going to be totalled. Nolan had a couple of burns on his wrists from the airbags and a little cut on his forehead. Chace and Hannah didn't have a scratch on them. As I took pictures this morning, I realized all the "what if's", especially as you see the much bigger tree just a few inches away. They were all luckily given a 2nd chance and will hopefully vividly remember this and drive more carefully. We certainly got on our knees and thanked Heavenly Father for this blessing.

SURPRISE (sort of)!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We "tried" to pull off a surprise 16th birthday party for Chace and our neighbor, Hannah Nelson (she's 9 days older than Chace). We told them it was an "End of the Season, Volleyball/Football Party". I think Chace got a little suspicious when he realized his Dad (the head football coach) was going to be out of town today. He says he was surprised, but that may have been just to make me feel good. Even if it wasn't a surprise, we all had a lot of fun!!

Volleyball/Football Cake - um, um delicious

Chace and Hannah getting ready to blow out their
"16" candles

Huge card game of "SCUM" (nightly ritual at

the Tenney home)

Hannah & Cassie rocked on Guitar Hero

Danny & Taylor (Danny was definitely the "expert" of the group)

Halloween FUN??

October 31, 2007

I have NEVER been a "fun" halloween mom. To put it nicely, "I HATE HALLOWEEN!!" I don't sew, I'm not crafty and creative, so my kids always pretty much get the shaft when it comes to cool costumes. We still had a pretty fun night though - Our Chamber of Commerce and Transnation Title/US Mortgage Source put on a HUGE halloween party (trunk or treat) out at Bison Ranch. The kids got tons of candy, free hot dogs, chili, hot cocoa, etc. Then they had free hay rides, a cake walk, costume contests, etc. It was actually an enjoyable night for us all!

Maryssa - "Old Woman" (saggy panty hose and all)

Emma - "Bad Boy" (she's just way too cute to be a boy)

Trey - "Red Power Ranger"

(thank goodness he still fits in $$$ Store costumes)