Saturday, October 6, 2007


Talk about a CRAZY week!! There were activities going on each night, and having a Senior daughter, we tried to attend most of them.

MONDAY NIGHT - Lucky for Kim and Chace, I didn't go to movie night with the camera. As is always the case when you get alot of kids together, I don't think much movie watching went on.


TUESDAY NIGHT - Powder Puff Football Game - The senior and freshman girls were on a team with the junior and sophomore girls on the opposing team. There was alot of "Smack Talk" going on all week. By the time it was over, I was really afraid if our Volleyball team would even be speaking to each other the next day, let alone wanting to play on the same team. Needless to say, the Sr./Freshman team won 12-0 with Kim running for one of the score's and throwing a touchdown pass for the other score. GOOOO KIMI!! (We also ought to note that she had to sit out for 5 minutes for actually "tackling" a girl in flag football. A little TOO competitive don't you think!!)


WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Mighty Man Volleyball - The boys got to try their hand at the game of volleyball. I think all of the guys had alot of fun. Again, the Senior's won. Their boys were actually quite good and got to try their hand at beating the faculty team. That was so much fun to watch. The faculty team only had 6 players, so they talked Ron into playing with them so they could at least rotate in and out for a breather. Of course, he was quite amazing. Everyone could tell where our girls got their volleyball skills from (maybe I could at least claim their "jumping" skills??) Another fun night!!


THURSDAY NIGHT - Pep Assembly/Bon Fire - Grandma Mary Tenney was the "Guest Speaker" at the assembly. They asked her to give a little history about our school and then background on the fight song she wrote for MHS. Uncle Jake came to help her out and spoke a few minutes on how his class was able to be in on the naming of the school, mascot, colors, etc. We are SO BLESSED to have our own High School here and our kids be able to participate in so many activities which they probably wouldn't have elsewhere.


FRIDAY NIGHT - Game Night - Unfortunately for the Lady Mustangs, the volleyball games DID NOT go as planned. Ash Fork ended up taking us to 5 games and they beat us 15-12 in the last game. Heartbreaker!! Another conference loss for us as well. At least we will have another shot to prove ourselves to them at Regionals the end of this month which happen to be at home for us. On the other hand the football game went much better than anticipated. We had thought it would be a close game and tough one to win, but it seems that things "clicked" very well for our offense. We beat Orme 64-14. GO MUSTANGS!!

The Homecoming dance was right after the game and Kim and J.R. Maner had to be the cutest couple there (not that I'm her mother or anything!!) Ron and I attended the dance as chaperones to help Kim's senior class out. Actually I think Kim has around 35 service hours towards her Sr. trip, and I probably worked 25 of those between Prom last year and Homecoming. Good thing I love her so much!!



Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

Great post mom. I love the pictures & kim looked amazing for Homecoming! she is so dang cute! i cant wait to see your next post!

Kristal Mulder said...

WOW! I feel like I never get a second to sit now know, I'm dreading the HS years! I heard this friday is the "BIG" game here. Wish we were going to be here. We have to go to the valley for my 10 year reunion....wish I would have stuck with WW...grrr!

I love your blog! That's a great family shot at the top!

Taralee or Trace said...

Kimmy is so dang pretty! (So are all your other girls!) I can't wait to be back in Heber and raise my family there. It is such a fun town.

amanda.hall said...

Mom you did so great on your post... and you said you couldn't do it. =) SO SO glad that you did this cause I love hearing and seeing what is going on with the fam. Kimi is just too cute for her own good- and I love the pics of dad... what a stud muffin! Love you guys!

Vonda said...

Looks like a fun week! Kim is adorable always, but with her pink boy, thats too cute. MORE PICTURE OF YOU!!! You are my weight loss inspiration, think of your fans.

Amanda said...

haha... vonda's comments are so funny. I agree though- we need some pics of you!

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

Kim you are so beautiful! I love your dress! Love you guys!

Breea said...

Heads up on the whole blogging thing. Ya gotta do it more than once a month! Once a week would be nice.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter,

Vonda (not Breea)

Devin & Melinda said...

What a cute homecoming date! ha Hopefully we will end up in Heber again sometime.